What kind of drunk am I?

Facebook says that I’m the Drunk Drunk. It said: “You have no limit. You focus on the present – while other people are thinking about tomorrow, you concentrate on tonight, which means getting as hammered as possible. Remember to thank your friends, since they are the reason you actually got home. By the way, thanks for those vulgar comments – someone had to say it.”

That part “You focus on the present” is something that really knocked me out. I won’t say anything else about that phrase, but…I don’t know.

What else? Oh, yes…Chile is loosing! (again) Against Paraguay. The score? 2 to nothing! Bad, bad, bad. Anyway, the team is playing quite well. I think we can beat them!! (or bite them if they were some hot chicks! Hahahaha).

Tomorrow: Linux Conference. 19.00 CLT.


~ by Boris on November 22, 2007.

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