My experience with Virtualbox on Arch.

In my 2nd non-spanish post, I’m gonna write about an open source virtual machine: virtualbox. It’s a kind of replacement (or alternative) for vmware. The biggest difference is that Virtual Box is an open source development and vmware not. Getting virtualbox to work on archlinux is quite simple: pacman can do it for you, but there are some configuration task that must be done by hand, but all of them are very well documented in arch’s wiki.

Running VirtualBox is also very simple, and for testing I decided to install some non-linux operating system. Looking here and there in my room, the only cd with some microsoft OS was a Windows 98 SE! It’s been a long long time with no windows things around here, so I put the cd on and started with the install process. Here a shot:

After a few minutes, the install process is done and “ready” to be used. I really don’t know why I’m installing this system, but let’s say that I did it in the name of science! Or maybe just for fun


~ by Boris on September 30, 2007.

One Response to “My experience with Virtualbox on Arch.”

  1. do u know how to access vbox hard disk (.vdi extension) in windows?

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